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We offer a top flight and broad spectrum of services to our clients ranging from close protection, operational crisis management, security concept design through to first aid, travel & security awareness training for their employees. Our mission is to make our clients' workplace into an environment that protects itself.

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First Aid at Work Refresher.
Although not compulsory, the HSE and all awarding bodies "strongly" recommend that all qualified first aiders undergo an annual yearly refresher.

Having done your full course, be it FAW level 3 or EFAW level 2, you may never have to use your skills and you may also not review your training until your certificate expires and you have to re-sit or re-qualify 3 years later. Will you remember it all? If you had to use your training as a first aider, would you be competent? ----------- Really?

Why not consider doing our refresher on-line? Currently it's free as it is in BETA stage, (We have the first 4 modules up already. Yes, modules, they are bite sized with a small quiz at the end of each module. When all 20 or so modules are complete there will be a grand quiz, which will test you on all your theoretical knowledge. If you feel you didn't do as well as you expected on any quiz, you can always try it again.

In future, the refresher will only be accessed by Crisilience clients and those we have taught for other training organisations. So jump in now and register on our Education site (CriEdu) while you have the chance. Of course, we'd appreciate any and all feedback regarding the modules or the program in it's entirety.