At Crisilience Ltd, we offer a top flight and wide spectrum of security services to our clients ranging from close protection, operational crisis management, security concept design through to Emergency Response Team training, First Aid and Trauma training, travel & security awareness training and briefings for their employees.

Our mission is to make our clients’ workplace into an environment that protects itself through people first.

Crisilience has also partnered with Mett Training and have developed & launched our latest Critical Incident Management & Awareness Training (CIMAT) program, the link for CIMAT Group is also in the menu bar above. The CIMAT program will include subjects such as Security Awareness, Terror Attack and Hostage Awareness and Emergency Response Team (ERT) training, where attendees are trained to deal with life threatening (Catastrophic) injuries that are associated with terrorist attacks, shootings, stabbings explosions and acid attacks culminating in very realistic, live scenarios.

This program is suitable for everyone who are first aiders looking to up-skill their training, or for those who are part of a corporate crisis management and/or response team, security guarding or event companies, or anyone in the security industry security. We use realistic live scenarios, which makes the training and learning retention valuable and meaningful. Check out our video

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