Seecrypt Secure Communications

A must App for Security Operators

If you are working in the security industry, particularly as a Close Protection Officer or in hostile environments like Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan etc, wouldn't you want secure communications? Shouldn't you have secure communications?

We don't think anyone can be under the illusion that their mobile phones are secure from eavesdropping, yet mobile phones are still used to discuss highly sensitive and/ or operational information.

Seecrypt provide an extremely secure platform from which you can talk, text, send data and files. It provides an encrypted secure bridge for group calls and meetings. The app is free, why not try it yourself with colleagues. Major governments are using this platform now having found their old secure platforms to be seriously wanting.

Ira "Gus" Hunt, CIA’s Chief Technology Officer on Big Data Talks on TED

On the flip side of protecting your privacy, Ira "Gus" Hunt, CTO at the U.S. Central intelligence Agency (CIA), outlined the agency's endless appetite for data and why they to collect everything and hang onto it forever. Most interesting is his acknowledgment that "Mobile is not Secure., Repeat after me… Mobile is not Secure. It really isn't."
See the TED Talk Video

Check out for further detailed information. The benefits of this application provide the reason for having it.

Seecrypt Secure Communications

Developing the most trusted and secure encrypted communication platform which can be used anywhere in the world with peace of mind.

Every call and every message is encrypted with a new key and wrapped in a double-layer cryptographic scheme for complete end-to-end security.

Seecrypt Secure Communications is the most versatile and secure application available, allowing you to use your mobile phone with confidence.

Installing the Seecrypt SC3 application is so quick and easy; you will be able to make phone calls almost immediately.

Seecrypt Secure Communications Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

Using Seecrypt Secure Communications double-layer AES-256 and RC4-384 end-to-end encryption, with a new ephemeral session key for each call and message, Seecrypt allows individuals and corporations to access extremely strong encrypted communication.

Seecrypt Secure Communications User Friendly

User Friendly

Seecrypt removes the complexity of encrypted communication and operates over a broad spectrum of devices. Ideal for anyone requiring easy-to-use, secure communication.

Seecrypt Secure Communications Crystal Clear Voice

Crystal-clear Voice

Seecrypt provides exceptional voice quality by utilising a voice-over data service with a conservative data codec; this allows you to call at a low data rate via an Internet connection to ensure total privacy, security, and peace of mind.

Seecrypt Secure Communications Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Seecrypt SC3 is fast with easy to use features while using the most advanced Seecrypt Secure Communications encryption protocols, giving you complete privacy that is free from the risk of interception.

Seecrypt Secure Communications Strong Encryption

Attachment Sharing

Sharing important files through a secure and encrypted channel with trusted contacts is critical to all users. Seecrypt allows you to select a file and send it to any other Seecrypt user with maximum security.

Seecrypt Secure Communications Management Portal

Management Portal

A simple, easy and effective web portal that provides administration, management and accounting for users within your enterprise domain, including billing assistance and management of client functionality.

Seecrypt Secure Communications CEO Mornay Walters on Privacy

Seecrypt Secure Communications CEO Mornay Walters on Privacy