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About Crisilience

About Crisilience

What is Crisilience and what is our mission?

Since our formation in October 2012, Crisilience Ltd, has provided a top flight and wide spectrum of security services to our clients ranging from close protection, operational crisis management and security concept design.

Since we began, we have also been providing quality training to companies and individuals. Our subjects range from Close Protection, Emergency Response Team (ERT), First Aid, Trauma, Travel, Security, Terrorism and Hostage Awareness programs and seminars. Our instructors at Crisilience are extremely experienced, well trained and educated in their respective disciplines as a tutor and, indeed, as an operator.


Our company name is formed from two words, "Crisis and Resilience". at some stage along our paths, companies and individuals have all had to face a crisis, and in order to prevail, they have had to be resilient.

Successful resilience can only be accomplished through forethought; planning, preparation, identifying threats and establishing the risks of those threats occurring and mitigating those risks with contingencies. We always need a "what if" plan (or Plan B, C etc)

If we have contingencies for these risks we can reduce them drastically providing continuity so that we can continue perform and resume to a state of normality quickly and that's what we and Risk Assessment and Risk Management are all about.

In all that Crisilience does, our services and training, we adopt three principals. Integrate, Innovate, and Inspire. You may have also noticed that there are three "I"s in Crisilience.

Innovation, Integration and Inspiration

Our Mission:

Our mission is to make our clients’ workplace into an environment that protects itself through people first through Integration, Innovation, and Inspiration.

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