Security Concept Design

Creating an Environment that Protects itself

Security concept design

Crisilience provide Security Concept Design for current facilities/offices that are undergoing renovation or new properties during brown/green field stages.

Critically, it is important to understand what the facility does/will do, how will it work, how it will be used and who will be using it (private, employees and/or public).

For us, it is important to work closely and collaborate at all stages with the Facilities Management team and their build contractors.

We look at all aspects of physical security but we are also concerned in establishing the risks or threats posed in the immediate neighbourhood, such risks can often dictate a stronger approach or higher level of security design, however, in today’s market even with high crime and social unrest it is necessary to maintain a low profile whilst utilising high quality state of the art security concepts, products, equipment and methodologies.

Our team have been key security concept practitioners in new and rebuilds in low to high risks cities around the world.

Technology & Human Confluence: The Weak Link?

We have also worked with clients and delivered security awareness training to their employees as without this training and awareness even the best installed system remains highly vulnerable. Proactive employee awareness is the overriding factor in creating an environment that protects itself. Our security awareness training can be provided to current employees and to “new hires” on induction. All our seminars and lectures can be delivered via technology or in person in a classroom environment.

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