Travel Briefings & Security Awareness Training

Corporate Responsibility (Duty of Care)

Security Briefings and Awareness

Business markets continue to expand even in the current financial downturn. Increasingly employees travel on business outside of their home countries, often to destinations that are less safe and where risks of crime, terrorism political instability, social unrest, infectious diseases and natural disasters occur frequently.

Companies, small and large have a legal, moral and fiduciary duty of care to ensure their employees are protected from health, safety and security risks. This duty of care includes employees and their families who travel abroad on work or are short or long term international assignees. It is important to understand that risks to employees are not just confined to emerging markets, they also reside in developed countries.

Safe Trip?


Every enterprise is liable for the prevention and mitigation of risks to their employees whether they are internationally assigned to countries or just on business travel. Responsible groups include HR, risk or security managers and senior management.

Often, fiduciary, legal and social responsibilities are overlooked by businesses and in the past, many have been held accountable by local judiciaries where incidents have occurred. In many cases, legislation was lacking in the local country and the cases were brought to and successfully prosecuted in the employees’ home country where the legislation exists.

Crisilience is proud to provide personalised travel briefings for clients who travel to low, moderate, high and extreme risk destinations. Our briefings are written by our regional security specialists having obtained and analysed current information and intelligence from our "On the Ground" assets.

Our briefings encompass all safety, security, medical, political and societal issues in the city and country clients are travelling to. We will provide daily updates to travellers should a situation arise and provide mitigation advice to avoid risk.

We are also able to provide a monitored 24-hour security call-in/check-in procedure for clients' employees when they are traveling to high-risk locations. In the event of serious situations, we can provide a local response and support service to travelers.


Travel Security Awareness Training

Crisilience offers exceptional security awareness training and presentations for travelers. Our training can be conducted via communications technology or in person in a classroom environment. We can provide country/city specific awareness programs to suit and address clients' travel needs and concerns.

  • Country/City specific threats
  • Pre-Travel preparation
  • Country specific medical information/requirements
  • Airport procedures
  • Hotel security
  • Personal security procedures
  • Local travel/transport
  • Scams
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