Close/Executive Protection

The Crisilience team of operators, organisers & consultants have a long established proficiency in executive protection. Working closely with “On the Ground” (local) networks of highly knowledgeable advisors and specialists the Crisilience Close-Executive protection team have successfully provided security to private clients, diplomats, executives, corporate teams and families when travelling abroad, during events and at home.

Close-Executive Protection (CP_Red)

In conjunction with risk assessments of the client and our local understanding & expertise on the ground we prescribe services proportionate to threat levels, which enable our clients to confidently conduct business and other undertakings in a safe and secure manner. Our officers and consultants are formally qualified to British and (where applicable) local national standards. All operatives have either served with the military and/or law enforcement agencies.

Crisilience’s protective services include:

  • Protection of individuals or groups
  • Discreet low profile protection
  • Quantified risk assessments
  • Venue and site security surveys
  • Security advice/Protective intelligence
  • Complete travel management
  • Airport/Sea port meet and greet
  • Counter-surveillance
  • Residential security
  • Limousines & trained security drivers
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